Frequently asked questions and my answers.

Q What does Freemind stands for?

A Freemind is named after Pluskid’s blog. This theme is greatly inspired by his blog layouts and stylesheets.

Q There’re already so many themes for Hexo. Why create this one?

A In fact I created this theme before I turned to use Hexo. I switched to Hexo about half an year ago, including my theme, since I have already got used to it and don’t wanna change it for now.

Q Why use raw CSS stylesheets instead of more fashionable stylus?

A Yes, stylus is cool. But I don’t want to wrote my stylesheets again in stylus. So let’s just keep them.

Q I love your theme. How to contribute?

A Great that you love it. To devote your contribution, you can:

  • Star its Github project;
  • Fork this project, make your change, and then send me your pull request;
  • Since it is public under MIT license, you can make your own theme based on mine. But it will be nicer if you claimed that your work is based on mine in your theme project page.

Q Your blog looks a little different to this theme. Why such difference?

A Yes. I modified the theme a little bit as I open sourced this theme. I actually did some simplification e.g. I removed the whole Wiki page because I don’t think that everybody need this.

Q How to generate ToC(Table of Contents) in a certain page?

A Add toc: true in the front-matter.

Q Where can I find your markdown source files of these docs?

A In the source branch.